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TV Series Reactions
Interested in seeing my reaction to one of the episodes of each of the Patreon Exclusive series?

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Game Playthroughs

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Reaction Questions

Simply… time. The series I watch on Patreon are all full-length watchalongs with a full review at the end. Doing it this way bypasses the Fair Use style of editing that I would have to do for my YouTube channel. This allows me to be able to watch and react to more media at a faster pace. That said, there’s a very strong chance that one day these reactions can be edited down to put on the channel. I am trying my best to grow the channel and my Patreon to be able to outsource editing and I am very open to sending an editor these files.

Another reason that I do this for Patreon is to give a great benefit to folks who want to support my work financially. It is one of my most popular benefits of my Patreon and the folks over there find this very valuable.

If you’re considering signing up and are curious about what these watchalong reactions look like to these shows, you can click here to Try Before You Buy. For most shows, I have my reaction to the first episode available for free. 

I have answered all Patreon related questions on the About section of that page.

To check what movies I’ve seen before, visit my Letterboxd account. If you create a free account and then follow me, you’ll be able to see if I have watched a movie when you go to the movie’s page. If you don’t see me on that movie, then it means I have not seen it. My account is as up-to-date as I can remember, but if I randomly remember seeing a movie before, then I go in and immediately add it.

Yes! Just use the Film Reactions and TV Series Reactions buttons in the Menu at the top of this page to see full lists (with links).

You may submit suggestions using this Google form. I organize the suggestions on my end and this allows me to easily see which films and TV series are suggested the most. I often pull from this list when I am making polls on Patreon and YouTube. Before making a suggestion, please review the movies I’ve already seen on my Letterboxd account.

New for 2023 is my Member of the Month draw over on Patreon. This is a random draw of qualifying patrons where the winner is able to choose a specific movie for me to watch and react to (or they may choose multiple movies for a poll). The reaction will go on Patreon first and it’s at my discretion if it also goes on YouTube. Qualifying members are folks who have been pledged for at least 6 months total (not consecutive) or who pledged up front for a whole year. 

Don’t take it personally as I can’t possibly cater my videos to the wishes of thousands of people. I have a pretty set flow with my editing style.

If you want to watch every single possible reaction moment of mine during a movie, then pledge on Patreon to get access to the full-length watchalong reactions, or you can purchase the reaction you want individually in the Patreon Shop. You will need your own copy of the movie to watchalong with because of copyright law.

The focus of my reaction videos has to be on me and the movie is there just to provide context to my reactions and commentary. This makes it acceptable according to Fair Use guidelines with copyright law. Adjusting the audio also ensures that you can hear me clearly and have a better viewing experience.

Please remember that you’ve seen these movies and TV series before and my reaction videos are not meant to be a replacement for watching them. You are watching for my reaction, not to re-watch the movie/episode.

My current upload schedule is on an “every few days” frequency, unless something in my life prevents this. If that’s the case, I will always announce what’s going on through my YouTube Community tab and my socials and in my Discord server.

I currently have active subscriptions to Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and Crave TV (a Canadian streaming service that gives me access to HBO).

If a movie or TV series that I want to watch isn’t on any of these services, then I will usually rent or purchase it. But if it’s not available to do either of those, then I won’t watch it at all unfortunately.

Other Questions

I do not reply to most of the private messages that I receive. Time is obviously a big reason why I can’t possibly reply to all private messages that I get from folks. But the main reason is because I do not want to set an expectation that I am available at any time to have a one-on-one conversation with you.

There are so many public ways that you can talk to me, because I do love talking with people in my community! You can join my Discord server where I talk every single day and is definitely one of the better ways to get in touch with me. You can also swing by my live streams, where I try my best to verbally respond to all messages I get in the live chat. If you’re on Patreon, you can leave a comment on any post and I prioritize replying on that platform. 

I do! Click here to join my server. Please tag the Moderator role or send a message to the ModMail bot if you have any questions about the server once you’re in there.

I do but for privacy reasons, I do not feel comfortable giving this out publicly. I apologize for that.

The good news is that I do have a gift wishlist through Throne. This is a service that allows you to purchase gifts for me while keeping both your personal information and mine completely private. I always had items added on my wishlist and you can also suggest a gift for approval. If I accept it, you will get notified and then you can purchase it! I acknowledge that this ruins the “surprise factor” of giving me something, but it is the best option for me in my current situation. Thank you for understanding and I apologize if this is not the answer you wanted to hear.

Yeah… the answer here is a strong NO. 😂 And yes, I’ve been asked this question before. If the lights bother you, then my videos will not be for you. Thankfully, there are plenty of other reactors you can go watch! My office is my favourite space in my home and my light wall is my “lamp” for the space.

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