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My first playthrough of Detroit: Become Human went… not great. I went into this game completely unaware of how the story goes and what all is involved. I’m very excited to play this game again in the future to get different outcomes. Below are the results of my decisions, broken down by chapter. Only chapters with consequential decisions are listed.

the hostage

  • Lied to deviant
  • Failed to build trust
  • Deviant jumped with Emma
  • Connor leapt for Emma, fell, and died


  • Connor figured out what happened and reported to Lt. Anderson
  • Reconstructed the crime scene, leading to the attic, where the deviant was found

stormy night

  • Kara breaks her programming and becomes deviant
  • Got to Alice before Todd did
  • Kara and Alice ran away through the backyard, escaping from Todd and the yard.
  • Caught a bus


  • Markus confronts Leo in Carl’s studio and becomes deviant
  • Pushed Leo and hurt him
  • Police arrived and they mistook Markus as the aggressor

the interrogation

  • Connor’s approach: probed memory
  • Probe was successful which resulted in Carlos going through a flashback and self-destructing himself
  • Connor intervened, resulting in android shooting both Connor and himself


  • Inspected the laundromat but ultimately left
  • Checked parking lot but left parking lot
  • Checked the squat
  • Convinced Ralph, followed him into the house, made a promise to Alice, slept next to Alice in the house

waiting for hank...

  • Talked to Hank, examined the files, talked about the case
  • Hank is mad, but ultimately got a lead

on the run

  • Kara and Alice were not discovered by the police and Connor during the search

the nest

  • Hank and Connor investigated the apartment and found Rupert and chased him down
  • Rupert pushed Hank and Connor elected to save him, which meant that Rupert got away


  • Kara was reset by Zlatko
  • Explored the house to recover memories
  • Recollected enough memories to recover it completely
  • Found Alice and snuck through the house
  • Bear ended up attacking Zlatko, protecting Kara and Alice
  • Kara and Alice escaped through the yard, and Zlatko caught up to them
  • The monsters ambushed Zlatko, allowing Kara and Alice to escape
  • Luther joined Kara and Alice

russian roulette

  • Connor did not explore Hank’s house fully while waiting for him

spare parts

  • Security android appeared; Markus grabbed him and hid
  • The android, John, became deviant
  • Security guard searching for android was attacked and Markus killed him
  • Found crate of androids and freed them
  • John wanted to join us but Markus refused
  • Group returned with full bags

the eden club

  • Found an Android eyewitness and asked Hank to help
  • Pursued the deviant into the warehouse
  • Investigated the blue-haired deviant who attacked, but Connor won the fight
  • Connor decided to spare the deviants and they escaped

the bridge

  • Hank drew his gun but Connor showed no fear
  • Hank was placated and left Connor alone

the stratford tower

  • Security distracted and entered the server room
  • Cut glass, and went outside the tower to ascend
  • Made it to the top floor, incapactitated security, and got into the broadcast room
  • Didn’t shoot the operator who was escaping
  • Markus’s broadcast was ended peacefully
  • SWAT team storms room, damaging Simon, who we saved
  • On the roof, Simon couldn’t continue so Markus left him behind

public enemy

  • After the broadcast room was investigated, Connor went into the kitchen to interrogate the androids
  • The deviant was found, who attacked Connor. The knife and biocomponent were recovered
  • Connor chased the deviant, who ended up self-destructing
  • Connor and Hank survived

midnight train

  • Policeman entered the house, but Kara managed him well and he ended up being fooled and left without any deviant evidence being discovered

capitol park

  • Markus secured the place, found the truck, rammed the store
  • Police were not alerted
  • Markus converted the androids inside the store and made a statement
  • Message sent was strong and Markus led a violent riot
  • Team returned to Jericho

meet kamski

  • Arrived with Hank, and learned that Chris died in Capitol Park
  • Met Kamski and questioned him
  • Connor shot Chloe during the Kamski test
  • Asked about RA9 as the one question allowed to Kamski; he was cryptic
  • Hank was disappointed with Connor’s decision

freedom march

  • Simon survived Public Enemy and reunited with Markus at Jericho
  • Simon forgave Markus
  • Marched, while converting androids
  • Once at the plaza, police blocked and Markus decided to leave
  • Resulted in police opening fire
  • Markus decided to make the group run away 

last chance, connor

  • At the police station, Fowler and Hank argue
  • Jericho’s location is unknown, but there is sufficient evidence
  • Perkins arrives and Hank punches him
  • Connor creates a diversion, rushing to the basement
  • Jericho location located in the evidence room
  • When Gavin returned to confront Connor, Connor incapacitated him


connor's roadmap:

  • Connor spotted Kara at Jericho
  • Stopped by Lucy and ended up in captain’s cabin where Markus was confronted and threatened
  • Connor became a deviant
  • Warned Markus that Jericho was under attack
  • Connor joins the other deviants and escaped with Jericho’s people

kara's roadmap:

  • Drove to Jericho with Luther and Alice
  • Kara went upstairs and met with Markus
  • Hugged Alice after realizing she was an android
  • Escaped with Luther, but Luther was shot
  • Left Luther hidden and continued to flee
  • Kara ended up getting shot and Luther sacrificed himself so that Kara and Alice could continue to flee
  • Kara and Alice escaped Jericho

markus's flowcart:

  • Kissed North
  • Connor watches North leave
  • Met with Lucy
  • Intervened with soldiers allowing androids to escape
  • Soldiers were neutralized
  • Josh escaped
  • Entered old engine control room where the soldiers were neutralized
  • Triggered the countdown
  • North was shot, chose to save her
  • Connor protected North and Markus
  • Markus killed more soldiers
  • Markus fled with Simon, Josh, North, and Connor

night of the soul

  • Carl deteriorated after Leo was hurt in Broken
  • As Jericho was attacked in Crossroads, Markus regroups with deviants
  • Markus chose to fight for his people using violent attacks

battle for detroit

connor's roadmap:

  • Connor goes to CyberLife HQ
  • Hacked elevator
  • Eliminated guards
  • Initiated the android conversion but a new Connor has Hank hostage
  • Connor’s fight but Hank gets them confused
  • Hank asks dog’s name, got correct
  • Hank asks son’s name, which Connor didn’t know as he didn’t explore Hank’s house enough earlier in the game
  • Hank killed Connor and the androids remained dormant

kara's roadmap:

  • Found a gun and hid from the military
  • Took a detour to get to the bus terminal
  • Met Todd at the terminal who Kara persuaded to send soldiers away and Alice said goodbye to him
  • Found Adam, got in Rose’s car and went to the river
  • Got in the boat but the coastguard appeared
  • Kara and Alice died

markus's roadmap:

  • Markus led a revolution at Hart Plaza
  • Reached the machine gun at the Recall Center
  • Attack was successful and the drone was shot
  • Markus successfully neutralizes the soldiers that approached him
  • Markus shot tanks, resulting in a successful assault

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