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My first playthrough of Dragon Age: Inquisition was my introduction to the Dragon Age trilogy/franchise. This playthrough holds a special place in my heart as it was also my very first “true” RPG. 

quick stats

Streamed: Oct 8, 2019 – Mar 16, 2020

Time Played: 120h 55m

Unfortunately, I did not save any VODs from this playthrough, but I do have highlights of my Iron Bull romance.


Kaii Adaar. Female. Level 27 Qunari Warrior, primarily two-handed.

Romanced: Iron Bull


  • Strength: 88
  • Constitution: 42
  • Cunning: 25
  • Dexterity: 15
  • Willpower: 15
  • Magic: 10

decisions - base game

All of the decisions listed below are the ones listed in Dragon Age Keep.


Who commanded the forces arrayed against the Inquisition?
The disgraced templar, Samson, led a red templar force against the Inquisition.

Did Kaii uncover the secret behind Samson’s armor?
Kaii discovered the source of the craftsmanship behind Samson’s red lyrium armor.

Did Kaii weaken Samson in their final encounter?
A special enchantment rendered Samson’s armor faulty as he fought against Kaii.

Did Kaii encourage Cullen to resume his lyrium use?
Kaii supported Cullen’s decision to fight his addiction.

Did Kaii investigate Calpernia’s history?
Kaii did not investigate Calpernia’s history.

How did Kaii resolve the encounter with Calpernia?
Kaii did not come into conflict with Calpernia at the Temple of Mythal.

How did Kaii help Josephine resolve her family’s fortunes?
Working with Kaii, Josephine was able to elevate a minor branch of the Du Paraquette family to Orlesian nobility.

If Kaii dug into Leliana’s past, how did Leliana emerge from the experience?
Certain she was doing the right thing, Leliana put her conscience aside to ensure that the greater good was achieved.

party members


Did Cassandra decide to rebuild the Seeker order?
Cassandra, encouraged by Kaii, decided the Seekers were too important to let disappear, and decided to rebuild the order from the ground up.

Did Cassandra obtain the Seeker order “Book of Secrets”?
Cassandra pursued the Lord Seeker and wrested the book from him, learning some disturbing truths about the Seeker order.

How did Cassandra feel about Kaii?
Cassandra considered Kaii a friend.


Did Varric pursue his lead on the source of the red lyrium?
Varric tracked the red lyrium, thanks to an encounter with his past.

How did Varric feel about Kaii?
Varric considered Kaii a friend.


Solas could track down a missing friend during his time with the Inquisition. If so, how did that resolve?
Solas and Kaii managed to not only find, but release his friend from its bindings.

How did Solas feel about Kaii?
Solas considered Kaii a friend.

iron bull

Did the Iron Bull and Bull’s Chargers Mercenary Company join forces with the Inquisition?
Bull and his crew signed on with Kaii.

If the Iron Bull was confronted by the Ben-Hassrath, how was the conflict resolved?
Bull chose to order a withdrawal, causing the Chargers to survive the day. The Qunari declared him Tal Vashoth and outcast him from the Qun.

Was the Iron Bull loyal to the Qun, or did he become a Tal-Vashoth?
The Iron Bull became a Tal-Vashoth, turning away from the Qun, but remaining with Bull’s Chargers, serving the Inquisition.


Did Blackwall join the Inquisition?
Recruited and stayed.

What happened after Blackwall’s disappearance?
Blackwall left prison as Rainier.

How did Blackwall feel about Kaii?
Blackwall considered Kaii a friend (though Kaii did not really feel this way back).


Did Dorian join forces with the Inquisition?
Dorian stayed with the Inquisition after victory was declared, but planned to later return to his home in the Tevinter Imperium.

Did Dorian meet with his father, and if so, how did the meeting fare?
Dorian’s meeting with his father went well enough to lead to reconciliation between the two.

How did Dorian feel about Kaii?
Dorian considered Kaii a friend.


Did Sera join the Inquisition?
Sera joined the Inquisition and stayed until victory over Kaii’s opposition was declared.

If Sera encountered Harmond, how did the encounter resolve itself?
Harmond is told to leave and is still alive.

How did Sera feel about Kaii?
Sera was not friends with Kaii.


Did Cole join the Inquisition?
Cole stayed with Kaii until the Inquisition’s victory over forces arrayed against it was complete.

Was Cole’s growth swayed in one direction or the other during his time with Kaii?
In the end, Cole was closer to a spirit: detached, but still driven by compassion.

How did Cole feel about Kaii?
Cole considered Kaii a friend.


Did Vivienne join the Inquisition?
Vivienne gladly lent her talents and knowledge of the Circle of Magi to the Inquisition.

Vivienne may have pursued a rare alchemical ingredient during her time with the Inquisition. Did she?
Kaii helped Vivienne track down a snowy wyvern heart and delivered the resulting mixture to its recipient.

How did Vivienne feel about Kaii?
Vivienne considered Kaii a friend.

exploring thedas

Did Kaii reach the Inner Sanctum of the Temple of Pride?
Kaii did not reach the temple’s interior.

Did Kaii unravel the mystery of the dwarven constructions in the Hissing Waste?
The mysteries of the Hissing Wastes remain just that.

Did Kaii rescue the captives of the Avvar?
The missing Inquisition troops were rescued from their Avvar kidnappers.

Did Kaii secure the Crossroads for the Ferelden refugees there?
With Scout Vale’s help, the Crossroads turned from ramshackle to a protected, secure haven.

Did Kaii earn the allegiance of the Hinterlands cultists?
Kaii did not earn the cult’s respect and allegiance.

Was Fairbanks’ noble lineage revealed?
Fairbanks continues to be a freedom fighter, unburdened by public knowledge of his nobility.

Did the Inquisition help Fairbanks push the Freemen out of their stronghold?
Fairbanks and his group displaced the Freemen and claimed their hold on behalf of the Inquisition.

Did Kaii close the rift under the lake before victory was declared?
Kaii drained the lake and sealed the massive rift, stopping the attacks on Crestwood.

Did the Inquisition reclaim Caer Bronach Keep?
The Keep now flies the Inquisition’s colours, giving the Inquisition’s scouts and spies a hub for the steady flow of information collected by their agents.

Did Kaii make a deal with Imsahel?
Imshael was slain.

Did the Inquisition capture Suledin Keep in Emprise du Lion?
The Inquisition banner flies above the keep, where Josephine’s diplomats across Orlais are now coordinated.

Did Inquisition forces claim Griffon Wing Keep?
The Inquisition took Griffon Wing, a mighty stronghold and perfect training ground for its troops.


Did Kaii regularly deploy the Inquisition’s forces on operations?
The Inquisition forces were regularly and widely deployed before victory was declared. The Inquisition’s presence was felt across the South.

If Sutherland’s Company formed under the Inquisition banner, how did they fare?
DA Keep says the company was never formed, but I believe it was. I just don’t recall the outcome.

What happened to the young lovers in Val Royeaux?
Jecin and Celeste never met.

Did Kaii reach out to another Red Jenny?
The Inquisition did not reach out to other members of the Red Jenny Organization.

judgments at skyhold

What tone did Kaii’s judgments take?
Kaii chose a mostly merciful path, banishing and releasing those judged where possible.

the wrath of heaven

After the Conclave explosion, some called Kaii, who was the sole survivor, the “Herald of Andraste”. How did Kaii respond?
Though the “Herald” title stuck, Kaii refused to acknowledge being chosen for a purpose by Andraste.

in hushed whispers (sided with mages)

The free mages of Ferelden based their efforts in the village of Redcliffe. Did these mages assist the Inquisition?
After defeating a plot to eliminate Kaii, the Inquisition offered the mages a chance to redeem themselves as free allies.

champions of the just (did not side with templars)

Abandoning Val Royeaux, the templar order moved to Therinfal Redoubt. Did the templars assist the Inquisition?
The Inquisition did not make contact with the templars who had left Val Royeaux.

Did Ser Barris survive the events at Therinfal Redoubt?
Barris did not survive the battle against the corrupted templars.

in your heart shall burn

What was the general principle upon which the Inquisition was founded?
Whether driven by ambition or the urge to be an exemplar, Kaii was declared the heart of the newly-founded order.

here lies the abyss

What was the outcome of the clash between the Inquisition and the Grey Wardens in Adamant Fortress?
Kaii declared an alliance with the southern Wardens, working alongside them to rebuild.

While the party was trapped in the Fade, an ally distracted the Nightmare Demon so the others could escape. Who made the noble sacrifice?
Stroud, senior Grey Warden of the Orlesian order, charged the demon and created a distraction, allowing the party to escape the Fade.

wicked eyes and wicked hearts

Grand Duchess Florianne was revealed to be orchestrating a political plot – did she survive her unmasking?
Florianne’s plan unraveled, and in the end, her subsequent death was in vain.

Did Empress Celene survive the assassination attempt at the Winter Palace Ball?
Empress Celene survived the attempt on her life and continued to rule the empire.

The Inquisition’s involvement in the events at Halamshiral’s Winter Palace impacted the leadership of Orlais. When the dust settled, who sat on the Empire’s throne?
Empress Celene, as she had for years before, continued to rule Orlais.

what pride had wrought

Did Kaii respect the rituals of the Temple of Mythal and the elves guarding it?
Kaii respected the temple’s traditions and forged an alliance with the guardians protecting it.

Who drank from the magical pool known as the Well of Sorrows?
Kaii braved the collected knowledge of the Well in the hopes of finding a way to defeat Corypheus.

doom upon all the world

The Chantry approached several Inquisition members about potentially becoming Divine. Who took up the mantle?
Leliana was elected as the Chantry’s new leader, bringing reforms as she helped the Chantry rebuild from the disaster at the Conclave.

decisions - dlc's

the descent

Did Kaii stop the earthquakes from destroying the Deep Roads?
Kaii stopped the earthquakes and discovered the secret origin of lyrium.

jaws of hakkon

Did Kaii discover what happened to Ameridan?
Kaii located Inquisitor Ameridan and learned his story.

Did Kaii hunt down and research the Nox Morta?
Kaii did not pursue the Nox Morta.

Did Kaii complete Ameridan’s final quest?
Kaii located and slew the possessed dragon.

What story about Inquisitor Ameridan did Kaii present?
Kaii did not address the public perception of Ameridan’s story.

Did Kaii earn a legend-mark from the Avvar hold?
Kaii did not work with the Avvar of Stone-Bear Hold enough to earn a legend-mark.


How did the Iron Bull deal with the Qunari attack?
Exiled from the Qun, the Iron Bull stayed loyal to the Inquisition and refused to betray his friends.

What was the final fate of the Inquisition?
Kaii preserved the Inquisition as a peacekeeping force reporting directly to Divine Victoria. This leaves future efforts against Solas stronger thanks to Inquisition resources, but runs the risk of Solas’s spies infiltrating the organization.

What was Kaii’s final goal regarding Solas?
Kaii considers Solas beyond redemption and commits to stopping him at all costs.

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